Friday, February 22, 2013


HAUS OF BELLE NYC has recently launched their S/S13 'RUE DE PARADIS' collection and NY based designer Ebony Alexander has swoon us once more with these edgy, chic delicate pieces. Being irritated by the street wear trend which has been overemphasized at it's best(worse), it's relieving to see something fresh, fashionable and modern. With snake skin being the focus for these amazing pieces, it's nowhere overdone nor misunderstood. Ebony has taken a few of the latest trends and transition them into the perfect HOB girl. 
I've had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely designer Ebony A. where she spills all about her line and gives us a little insight of who she is... (Oh yeah, did I mention that she has a striking resemblance to Santigold!!!)


SE101: Tell us a little about yourself? (Your name, Where are you from? And what do you do in your spear time?)

EBONY: My name is Ebony, I'm a 23 year old Designer reigning from Brooklyn NY. I barely have spare time! When I have a moment I use it to indulge in reading <3

SE101: What does fashion means to you?  Define your sense of style?

EBONY: Fashion means everything. It's a extension of how we feel. about ourselves, inner complexities. Hence fashion changing over ever so often. I believe that many people forget that it is apart of who we are or want to be. My sense of style is somewhat experimental at times and at other times it can be minimal but in all of that I would say I'm definitely gamine. There's always something tomboyish going on whenever I get dressed.

SE101: What is your favorite and least trend, and how do you put your own spin towards it?

EBONY: Least favorite right now , has to be the wave of solid 2 piece bodycon outfit! Leave that in the 80's! I would definitely suggest ladies loosen up and explore the options of chic vs clingy.

SE101: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

EBONY: Fashion design came to me after realizing I didn't like anything when I decided to go out shopping. I would always be upset when I everyone was happy with new clothes I always had to struggle to make a purchase! I gave up and bought a sewing machine

SE101: If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing instead?

EBONY: I really love shoes. I'd probably be a shoe retailer

SE101: When and what was the first piece of clothing you designed?

EBONY: In 2010, I designed a coat with a fur body and leather sleeves. I didn't have thousands to spend on my favorite high end designer and couldn't bare to wear the options that the average retailer gave. Made my own. Still wear it till this day

SE101: When and why did you decide to launch Haus of Belle NY?

EBONY: HOB New York Launched in 2010, I decided girls like me definitely need something a bit fresher than a bodycon dress or a super girly cardi. We needed relaxed fashion, statement + comfort.


SE101: Tell me a little more about HOB NY. (What inspires your designs? What’s your ultimate goal for the line? Do you have a signature piece for the line?)

EBONY: I base most of my design for a season based on what place I am in my life. I pull inspiration for a personal experience old or new. Right now HOB is very small though the styles people gravitate to seem to be evenly distributed, we are constantly experimenting; A signature is something we are hoping to develop as we build & archive styles true to the brand.

SE101: Who are your audience? (Who is the perfect HOB NY girl?)

EBONY: I don't think there is one specific HOB NY girl but characteristics that a variety of girls may have . A girl who always seeks comfort first before trend, in her own skin and in what she is wearing.

Someone who loves to be on the edge, and will always the taste maker in the room.

SE101: Where can readers go to find more about you and HOB NY