Sunday, November 11, 2012


Uniqlo and Theory are launching their first ever collaboration collection labeled "T-Down" will be launched November 15 2012. The collaboration comes after Uniqlo partnership with Jil Sander +J collection and Uniqlo Undercover collection has come to and end. Uniqlo has been collaborating with a lot of interesting expensive designers that are designing pieces that are conveniently lower priced.

Uniqlo is best known for its Premium Ultra Light Down Jackets which are both pretty warm and inexpensive, so it only makes sense to vamp up these plain pieces with a collaboration. The T-Down line isn't available for pre-viewing as of yet, but a few pieces have been circulating via the web and I have to say that it doesn't look much like a collabo to me, it just screams Uniqlo with a slightly higher price point.

Starting at $99 for kids, and $129-$149 for women and men.